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As our way of interacting with computers continues to evolve, and everyone from your child to your grandmother knows how to search the web - in more places and on more devices than ever before - marketing a product or service on the Internet is becoming increasingly critical for most companies. Merely having a great website has never been enough; we lovingly call those undiscovered treasures "billboards in the forest". And in today's search engine environment, getting your website found by potential customers is simply more complicated.

Back in the day, when we first started offering search engine optimization (SEO) services, getting well-placed in the major search engines of the time (before Google even came on the scene) meant writing your keyword on your home page more times than your competitor. But pretty soon, that was no secret; the search engines caught on to the game, and web developers and bored programmers began experimenting with other ways to make it to the top of the search results. An industry was born.

In the intervening years, Google has become a verb. And our goal remains the same: to help our clients get the most value out of their online "billboards". Our area of expertise has expanded from SEO to SEM (search engine marketing). In addition to our services that get your website well-placed in the important search engines, we also offer other services to make your website work as effectively as possible: services such as pay-per-click campaign management and social media marketing.

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