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The team at Toronto Internet Marketing is ready to help you with a range of services related to making the most of your website: search engine optimization for guaranteed placement, pay-per-click management and social media activity. One or all of these services will help bring customers to your site. Call us in Toronto at 416-477-5663 to learn how we can maximize your website's potential.

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SEM TorontoBetween the technical experts and the sales guys, the team behind Toronto Internet Marketing has decades of experience in the interrelated fields of marketing and search engine optimization. The shared goal of everyone in our company is to put our years of experience and our specialized expertise in Internet marketing to work for you and your company. Through well executed SEM and SEO, we can bring highly qualified prospective customers to your web site. These visitors to your site, who enter from a search engine results page, represent the best prospects for your company, because at that moment they are actively engaged in looking for what you offer. They are ready to buy.
PPC campaignsOur experience teaches us that organic SEO - that is, achieving great placement in the natural results of the search engines for key phrases that are relevant to your business - is over the long term the most cost effective way to reach new prospects. The downside to this marketing method, though, is that it can take months to reach the positioning where your site is able to attract the greatest number of potential customers.

In the meantime, while your SEO campaign is underway, you can get immediate placement in the same search engines on a pay-per-click (PPC) basis. This type of advertising can be a great temporary solution, or it can also be a great supplementary marketing tool if your budget allows, even when your site is well-placed in the organic results.

Setting up and managing PPC campaigns is not terribly difficult, but it can be quite time-consuming, and some care is needed to make sure that the ads appear in the right places for the right keywords. A pay-per-click program that is carefully orchestrated to meet defined goals can be an excellent use of marketing dollars, while a poorly executed campaign is simply a waste of those dollars. Give us a call if you'd like to know more about how we can manage your PPC.
Toronto SEOMost SEO firms in Toronto will undertake to improve your website's placement in the search engines upon receipt of your first payment, which may be a substantial investment on your part. The downside to this method of operation is that the world of search engine databases moves very slowly. It can take weeks or months for the impact of changes to your website and other activities to propogate across the results of the search engines, and you have to wait for that initial investment to provide any return.

Recognizing that any SEO service is not beneficial to your company until it reaches a certain critical mass, we get started on your project upon receipt of a small setup fee. From that point, we put our shoulder to the wheel at our expense, and you won't be invoiced by us again until we achieve a pre-determined level of placement for your website. This is our way of guaranteeing results, and it's a bit backwards; rather than refund your money if you're not satisfied (a tenuous promise on which no one likes to rely), we don't charge you until we meet the goals that we set out for the keywords that we mutually agree upon in your contract. We challenge you to find another SEO provider that respects its clients' ROI as much as we do.
Search Engine Optimization Toronto"If a tree falls in the forest..." is a well-known puzzle for philosophy students. Altering this thought experiment in the context of search engine optimization goes like this: if a company that sells chain saws spends its marketing budget to create the best website they could possibly have that results in a supremely satisfying user experience, what is the true value of that website? Someone who has been through the sometimes painful process of web development might answer that such a website is priceless. Our answer would be that the site is worthless until it is visited by people who are likely to buy a chain saw in the forseeable future. In other words, the most brilliant website is not worth the investment until you take the additional step to get it found in the search engines.

Call our Toronto office to discuss your business objectives and how we how we might assist you with your SEM/SEO needs. Be sure to ask us about our guarantee. We want to demystify the process for you.
Search Engine Marketing CanadaSome products and services become such a significant, accepted part of our everyday life that the brand name becomes the commonly-used name; for example, we say Kleenex when we mean tissue. In recent years, one brand has actually entered our everyday vocabulary as a verb: Google. Whether our search engine of choice for finding what we seek on the Internet is Yahoo, Bing, Google or DuckDuckGo, we say we're going to "google it" to learn something new, settle a bet, or find the best place to buy a particular product or service.

And that's where search engine marketing comes in for providers of products and services. In the anonymous world wide web, the way to be conspicuous and help your customers find you is to get placement on the front page of the search engines, whether through paid ads or organic SEO, or both.

Across Canada, every day, people are googling things, and quite often it's because they have an immediate or imminent need for a service or product, and they're ready, willing and hoping to learn what's available. If you sell mittens across Canada, and someone in Toronto is searching for mittens, what better time could there possibly be to introduce that person to your mittens business? Give us a call and we'll help you make that connection.
SEO CanadaWhen someone in Canada turns to Google or Yahoo to find a product or service, the search engine technology knows the user is in Canada, and presumes that he wants to see Canadian results (unless he specifies otherwise, as when one searches for a hotel in a far-off city). In fact, the search engines usually localize results to a much greater degree than just the country, preferring to show a Toronto company to someone who is located in Toronto and a Barrie company to someone in Barrie, for example.

If your business is located in Canada and your market is Canadians, you need your search engine optimization efforts to focus on the Canadian versions of the major search engines (i.e. instead of; instead of This is where your future customers will find you. SEO works because it delivers qualified customers who are searching for a product or service to a website that fills their need. These customers are ready to buy. You need to be in their initial selection set.
Search Engine Optimization OntarioOptimizing your website for the search engines means making sure that your site design, navigation and content is doing the best job it can to alert the search engines as to what your site is really about. If you are a real estate agent, for example, there are certain things one would expect to find on your site (information about your qualifications, your active listings, the neighbourhoods you know) and lots of things that detract from its main purpose (links to your mother's cousin's site about his toy train business, for example). It also means finding the right connections, and building the right links from the right sources to help the search engines evaluate your website.

The main thing you need to know about search engine optimization is that our job is to stay on top of what one needs to know. It's not rocket science - it's not that you have to be a computer genius to make SEO work. But it does require ongoing research and development, and a desire to delve deeply and constantly into the science behind the search. Since we are actively working on around 200 projects at any given time, our time is well spent on these endeavours. Your time is better spent elsewhere.
Internet Marketing TorontoThe Toronto market is highly competitive, whether your business is real estate or retail or really anything at all. Having an Internet presence is an important component of any marketing strategy, but especially so in a large market where your potential customers have plenty of options. Of course it's easy to promote your website to your current customers and people you meet, but you're already talking to those people - you've already found each other and you have an opportunity to win their business. If you want your business to continue to grow, if you want to extend your reach to new customers, how do you get your offering in front of people who don't already know about your company? Internet marketing can be a highly cost effective means to that end.

For cost-effective search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing (SEM) services
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