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"If a tree falls in the forest..." is a well-known puzzle for philosophy students. Altering this thought experiment in the context of search engine optimization goes like this: if a company that sells chain saws spends its marketing budget to create the best website they could possibly have that results in a supremely satisfying user experience, what is the true value of that website? Someone who has been through the sometimes painful process of web development might answer that such a website is priceless. Our answer would be that the site is worthless until it is visited by people who are likely to buy a chain saw in the forseeable future. In other words, the most brilliant website is not worth the investment until you take the additional step to get it found in the search engines.

Call our Toronto office to discuss your business objectives and how we how we might assist you with your SEM/SEO needs. Be sure to ask us about our guarantee. We want to demystify the process for you.

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