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Optimizing your website for the search engines means making sure that your site design, navigation and content is doing the best job it can to alert the search engines as to what your site is really about. If you are a real estate agent, for example, there are certain things one would expect to find on your site (information about your qualifications, your active listings, the neighbourhoods you know) and lots of things that detract from its main purpose (links to your mother's cousin's site about his toy train business, for example). It also means finding the right connections, and building the right links from the right sources to help the search engines evaluate your website.

The main thing you need to know about search engine optimization is that our job is to stay on top of what one needs to know. It's not rocket science - it's not that you have to be a computer genius to make SEO work. But it does require ongoing research and development, and a desire to delve deeply and constantly into the science behind the search. Since we are actively working on around 200 projects at any given time, our time is well spent on these endeavours. Your time is better spent elsewhere.

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