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Some products and services become such a significant, accepted part of our everyday life that the brand name becomes the commonly-used name; for example, we say Kleenex when we mean tissue. In recent years, one brand has actually entered our everyday vocabulary as a verb: Google. Whether our search engine of choice for finding what we seek on the Internet is Yahoo, Bing, Google or DuckDuckGo, we say we're going to "google it" to learn something new, settle a bet, or find the best place to buy a particular product or service.

And that's where search engine marketing comes in for providers of products and services. In the anonymous world wide web, the way to be conspicuous and help your customers find you is to get placement on the front page of the search engines, whether through paid ads or organic SEO, or both.

Across Canada, every day, people are googling things, and quite often it's because they have an immediate or imminent need for a service or product, and they're ready, willing and hoping to learn what's available. If you sell mittens across Canada, and someone in Toronto is searching for mittens, what better time could there possibly be to introduce that person to your mittens business? Give us a call and we'll help you make that connection.

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