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When someone in Canada turns to Google or Yahoo to find a product or service, the search engine technology knows the user is in Canada, and presumes that he wants to see Canadian results (unless he specifies otherwise, as when one searches for a hotel in a far-off city). In fact, the search engines usually localize results to a much greater degree than just the country, preferring to show a Toronto company to someone who is located in Toronto and a Barrie company to someone in Barrie, for example.

If your business is located in Canada and your market is Canadians, you need your search engine optimization efforts to focus on the Canadian versions of the major search engines (i.e. instead of; instead of This is where your future customers will find you. SEO works because it delivers qualified customers who are searching for a product or service to a website that fills their need. These customers are ready to buy. You need to be in their initial selection set.

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