About Us

The TIM team has decades of practical working experience in the Internet, advertising and marketing. Yes, that means there are some grey hairs sprinkled throughout the team however these are balanced with younger team members brimming with new ideas and approaches. All this creative energy and experience is engaged in making your product, service or brand stand out from your competitors.

SEO Marketing

Being upsold by SEO “experts” who are more interested in getting their hands on your marketing budget than on bringing qualified traffic and potential customers to your site?

Tired of SEO suppliers who complicate the search engine optimization process so they can charge more?

Internet Marketing

Our philosophy at Toronto Internet Marketing is the better you do, the better we do. We understand that our clients’ results, appreciation, and loyalty are intimately tied to our reputation and bottom line. That understanding drives us to do our best and we guarantee it! Ask about our guarantee when you call.

PPC Management

In addition to achieving natural placement for your website, we are well-equipped to manage paid placement campaigns with Google Adwords, Bing/Yahoo Search Marketing, Facebook, etc. While typically more expensive on a per lead basis than an organic campaign, PPC has the advantage of next-to-instant visits, rather than waiting months for a natural campaign to start bearing fruit.

As part of our campaign management, we test multiple ad variations in order to determine which ads achieve the best ‘click-through-rates’ (CTR) for various target phrases. We adjust keyword bids as needed to ensure that we’re getting the lowest cost-per-click (CPC) for relevant search phrases, with the objective of optimizing the use of the target budget for the campaign.

The ultimate goal of our search engine marketing efforts with PPC campaign management is to get you the greatest number of relevant clicks for your advertising dollar.

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