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The TIM team has decades of practical working experience in the Internet, advertising and marketing. Yes, that means there are some grey hairs sprinkled throughout the team however these are balanced with younger team members brimming with new ideas and approaches. All this creative energy and experience is engaged in making your product, service or brand stand out from your competitors.

SEO Marketing

Being upsold by SEO “experts” who are more interested in getting their hands on your marketing budget than on bringing qualified traffic and potential customers to your site?

Tired of SEO suppliers who complicate the search engine optimization process so they can charge more?

Internet Marketing

Our philosophy at Toronto Internet Marketing is the better you do, the better we do. We understand that our clients’ results, appreciation, and loyalty are intimately tied to our reputation and bottom line. That understanding drives us to do our best and we guarantee it! Ask about our guarantee when you call.


FAQ for Search Engine Optimization Services

Q1: So, how does it work?

A1: We do our research to find the search terms that will bring in the greatest number of potential clients for your service/product. We will incorporate those target search terms into a proposal for your review. Your monthly pricing will depend on the number of target search terms and the difficulty of placing those on the first page of the major search engines. Monthly fees start at $450. Once the $300 start-up fee is paid we begin the work of optimizing placement of your website for the target search terms. We do not start charging the monthly fees until your website is on the first page of either Google or Yahoo for at least half of your target search terms.

Q2: How long does it take?

A2: Usually 3 or 4 months but it can take as long as 14 months (or more) for highly competitive target search terms; however, you pay NO monthly fees while we are enhancing the placement of your website.

Q3: How many target search phrases do you work on?

A3: For our minimum monthly fee of $450, we typically work on 6 to 10 phrases. At the other end of the spectrum, we have worked on a project with over 80 target phrases for just under $3,000 per month. The more competitive the phrases, the fewer we can work on. We strive to get you the best value in terms of relevant traffic for your dollar.

Q4: Who picks the phrases, you or me?

A4: Both. We start with an understanding of the product/service you want to be found for. Then we’ll use our tools to figure out what people are searching for in your market and for which phrases can we achieve first-page placement in a reasonable period of time. Once we share our findings with you in a proposal, we discuss them with you to come up with the definitive list of target phrases.

Q5: So when you hit your placement guarantee, do I get billed for all the months you were working on it?

A5: No, once we hit our minimum placement commitment, the monthly fees are charged only for each month going forward. You get the benefit of all the time spent while we were working you up the rankings at no charge to you.

Q6: What if a high-volume phrase doesn’t get placement?

A6: High volume phrases can often be the most difficult phrases for which to hit first-page placement. It is quite possible, however to build a volume of qualified prospects using lesser searched terms. Our goal is to have a client for life – and we work every month to move you up the rankings and keep you there once you are on the first page. By following this strategy you’ll get the search volume you’re looking for.

Q7: How long do I have to pay the monthly fee?

A7: SEO projects should always be viewed as long term marketing. We may invest months of work in order to hit our minimum placement guarantee. The minimum term is usually 6 months from the first monthly bill but this depends on the nature of the search and how much work will be required to meet our minimum placement guarantee. As always we endeavor to put together the best payment package possible for our clients. After the initial term, the agreement renews month by month, and there is a 1 month notice period for cancellation (i.e. there will be one more bill once we’re notified).

Q8: Do we have to keep paying you forever?

A8: Google consistently changes its ranking algorithms and other competitors work to move you out of the first page of results in Google by moving themselves on. Without a continuous effort to optimize your site your placement will wane. To maintain your placement you need to be paying someone like us to work on it. With our placement guarantee you are paying for results.

Q9: Can I change the target phrases?

A9: We understand that in order to stay current in a changing business environment you will need to change your target search terms from time to time. There may be additional charges in order to add or change search terms but not in all cases.

Q10: What do you do technically?

A10: What we do each month to keep you on the first page changes constantly as we respond to the ever changing ranking algorithm formulas of Yahoo and Google.

Q11: Do you adjust ‘meta tags’?

A11: Meta Keywords and Meta Description tags actually have next-to-no value in Google’s algorithm. We will, however, update the meta description when necessary as it is often the ‘sales pitch’ that appears under the link within the search results.

Q12: I don’t care about Yahoo, just Google. Can we modify your guarantee?

A12: Yes, but we do charge a 50% premium for a Google-only guarantee. Yahoo is the default search engine for Rogers internet users, and searches on Yahoo account for about 30% of the search engine market, so it’s often worth including in your project.

Q13: What if two of your clients want to be found for the same search term?

A13: There are at least 10 spots on the first page of search results. We have a self-imposed limit of 5 clients for any one target search phrase.

Q14: How do I handle the huge influx of clients?

A14: Traffic builds over time and you have to consider search engine optimization a long term marketing strategy. You should not expect that your phone will instantly begin to ring. Our best placed clients are typically those who have been with us the longest.

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