Our Philosophy: We make it simple!

Our philosophy at Toronto Internet Marketing is the better you do, the better we do. We understand that our clients' results, appreciation, and loyalty are intimately tied to our reputation and bottom line. That understanding drives us to do our best and we guarantee it! Ask about our guarantee when you call.

We do not believe that Internet marketing or the various elements of it (e.g. search engine optimization) are rocket science. Anyone can do the research and gain the knowledge necessary to optimize his or her own website. It just takes time (and lots of it) to understand how search engines rank the various elements of a website, then use that understanding to optimize those elements and your website. Once you have gained page one ranking TIM continues to monitor and adjust your site every month to adjust to changes in how search engines "value" these design and content elements.

The question is not whether you can design your web site, build your brand, and target traffic by using SEO, Google Adwords and other PPC media, and social media, it's whether you have the time. The time to understand a changing search landscape, monitor, adjust and change your website. Time to manage your paid ad campaign. Time to stay on top of your social activity.

Probably most business owners and their staff do not have the time nor the expertise. We at Toronto Internet Marketing know how to present your website and funnel qualified traffic to it.

We demystify the process. Our agreement is in plain English. Our rates are among the most reasonable in the business. Call us to discuss your business objectives and how we how we might assist you.


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